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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Open house this past Saturday for the James River Division NMRA

Finally had the chance to open up the layout for a tour for the first time.  This has always been on my list of things to accomplish in model railroading.  I've been a NMRA member for the last couple of years and my James River Division here in Virginia is an active one meeting 6 times a year.
Check out the James River Division here: JRD NMRA
 Now the stress level of me before this open house was very high.  I was cleaning the layout room and the most of the down stairs.  I was worry about the space in the room.  What would I do if 10 people showed up at the same time?  Took care of that with a holding room in the kids play room which now is a cozy gaming room.  Never encountered that problem.  Everyone seemed to like the layout and had great compliments to go with it.  I reluctantly did not take any pictures but luckily our official photographer, Wayland Moore took plenty of them.  Thank you Wayland!

 All the following pictures are copyright of Wayland Moore 2018
Several members of the JRD check out the layout.

My oldest son Cameron volunteered to run a couple trains while I talked.

Clint Hyde checks out Battlefield Yard.

Yep, even Zeb made an appearance by the helix

Yours truly explaining the layout.

Fredericksburg Flats view.

VMID #431 passes Industrial Drive.

VC #106 idles away.

A mostly clean desk!


  1. In all your videos I dont think I have seen your workbench so bare...lol! Shannon what factors did you use to determine the layout height?


  2. Yes that is about as clean as my desk gets! Layout height is based on how tall you are. I believe mine is 48" never planned to do the lower level. Would have made it higher if I did.