This site is dedicated to my model railroad, the HO scale Virginia Midland Railroad. This layout comprises a 12X9 room with two levels. The upper level is complete and the lower level scenery has just begun.

I do a handful of train shows in the Virginia/Maryland region with Makin Tracks.
I also can help you find that freight car/locomotive or other hard to find item.

Email: virginiamidlandshops@gmail.com
You tube videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/Virginiamidlandrr/

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Happy Memorial Day!

Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  Take the time time to thank a veteran when you see one, not only this weekend, but anytime you see one out.  They really appreciate it.

The flag at the Mance Training Camp in Mance, PA during a October 2006 visit.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Mid May Post

This year has been different for me in a few aspects.  For the last 16 years, I've coached track and my spring time modeling had been very non-existent.  I gave up coaching last year and I have seem to continue that non-modeling trend.  I'm sure a lot of people have been in the boat this time of year.  There are many excuses: nice weather, yard work and longer days.  I'm guilty of all them.  I also have 3 kids: 6, 8 &10 so they get a lot of my time also. So now you know why I have not been modeling much or posting on this blog!  But, don't fear, most of my modeling gets done in the next few months.  So stay tuned.  I've also want to get a video out.  Here are a few other things:

  • My locomotive sold this past week.  Took long than I thought but still a great loco for the price.
  • I sent off one of my NCE controllers to get wireless installed.  It should be here in a week or two.  Very excited to finally get a wireless controller for the layout.   
  • I need to hookup the NCE antenna to the layout so I can have the wireless controller ready to use when it gets here.  This weekend seems to be low key, so maybe today?