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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A snow day: Time for some layout work!

The last three weeks have been quite busy for me.  Work on the layout has been nonexistent, except I did get the hole cut in the wall two weeks ago.  I followed up with track and a turnout install on Sunday.   That's been it!  Today, I was fortunate to get a day off of work and I got a few things done on the layout.  Most of my work today was in the garage, beside the helix.  My last post on the lower level track work is here and a great lead into today's post:

Today was track work intensive.   I continued the passing siding through the wall and onto the platform that supports the helix.
Here's the new entrance to/from the helix.  Decided to put a passing siding in to help alleviate traffic going into Battlefield Yard.

Woodchip hopper checking clearances

The view through the hole.

After adding the track in the garage for the passing siding, I decided it was not long enough and wanted to make it longer.  So I added more flex track and curved it make it more than enough.  Work would have continued but I ran out of small screws that hold the track in place.

Test fitting the passing siding 

My door to cover the hole when not in use.

Original plan

My work area on the helix platform.

The long passing siding and through track will now curve around to give me plenty trackage.