This site is dedicated to my model railroad, the HO scale Virginia Midland Railroad. This layout comprises a 12X9 room with two levels. The upper level is complete and the lower level scenery has just begun.

I do a handful of train shows in the Virginia/Maryland region with Makin Tracks.
I also can help you find that freight car/locomotive or other hard to find item.

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Progress since last weekend

I got a few things done on the layout last weekend and continued a little during this week.  Still working on Rappahannock Aggregate area with weeds and details.  I also starting adding signs and and other details to the road and road crossing to RA.

Here is the road to Rappahannock Aggregate.  Added a speed bump to hide a seam.  

Add some weed clumps to "vegitate" the area.  Got to find some more dump trucks.

Found a decent enough picture online to use as a backdrop.  Added some trees and bushes to make it look move believable.  The pic makes the backdrop pic stand out.    
These two ridges are for the spot in the background.  I will add trees to them.  Used the florist foam for the first time.  The Foam is definitely easier to paint.
On the lower level, I switched 2 industries around on the Mine Run Branch.  I switched the propane dealer and the woodchip loader.  It seems to me they fit better now.
This was the spot for the small propane dealer but the woodchip loader takes up less space in this spot.  I also did that homemade chip load with foam and sawdust.

This spot will hold two propane cars and is less tight for the larger propane tanks.  

Overview of the propane dealer.  The backdrop on the left is a print from online and the right is hand painted.  I need to add some more olive green to the paint!  

Sunday, January 4, 2015

A little write up about me in the 2015 Winter edition of the Potomac Flyer

Did a interview for the Potomac Division of the NMRA for their upcoming Potomac Flyer publication that comes out four times a year.
NMRA Potomac Division Website

On the left click on Potomac Flyer and then click on Winter 2015.  My article is on page 21.  This a good publication and has lots of good articles.

I want to thank Roger Sekera who contacted me and did a great write up.  Also wanted to thank Norm Wolf on the thoughtful quote.