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Friday, December 30, 2011

The On30 Layout

Well in my posts, I have neglected to post anything about the On30 layout.   I was bit by the narrow gauge bug about 2 plus years ago.  Having in a former narrow gauge railroad, the PF&P (Piedmont Fredericksburg & Potomac) abandoned grade in the county does help!  I have tried to find compromise with the On30 layout.  I tried modules, 2 are complete, a permanent layout right beside the HO layout, and finally a lower level shadow box switching layout.

Well that shadow box is complete and the wiring and track are finished.   Still have a lot to do.  So you think you cannot get anything model railroading complete?  Try having 2 layouts in 2 different scales!  I think I easily have about 2 dozen different projects to be done on EACH layout!

Here are some pics:

This is the one end of the layout.  The train starts out here with 2-3 cars and switches the 3 industries.

From the starting point, we encounter a run-around track.  This is a must because all 3 spurs are forward facing spurs and require the run-around track.  The mill is one of the industries. 
Here is the mill spur and the other end of the run-around trackage.  The boxcar is a Bachmann frame with wood strips added all the way around.  A good but time consuming  project!  RVR stands for Rapidan River railroad.
My creek that will separate the layout.  Have not decided on how to scenic this yet.  The bridge will be scratch built.  Might use stone sides for a canal since this was common in the area.
My main work horse on the layout, the Bachmann climax with sound.  Perfect for this size layout.  I will also use Davenports and a BVM boxcab, with sound.
The final two industries are a pulpwood loading spur and a team track.  

Comments and suggestions are welcome!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Switching lists

Switching lists can be a whole lotta of work.  Lots of people use a car routing system with cards for every car.  I think those car cards are too much work.  I have even seen different color paper markers on top of freight cars.  This makes having an operating session on my small layout too much work.  I have no car cards and no filing system.  My conductor uses a switching list, clipboard, pencil and a uncoupler.  The switching list is made up and all I have to do is print one from my computer and we are ready to go.  I simply write the cars at each industry and write what cars are going where.  Makes it easy for me.  I believe I got this from Lance Mindheim's website.  Being a teacher, I want to stay away from paperwork as much as possible.
Example of an older Virginia Midland switch list.  Remember, I have 2 railroads on my layout.  That means 2 separate switch lists.  The VC switch list is a lot smaller and takes half the time.