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Friday, July 29, 2011

Lynchburg Railday August 13th

One of my favorite train shows is coming up in 2 weeks.  Lynchburg Railday is an annual train show ran by the Blue Ridge NRHS.  It's in it's 33rd year.  It's the only train show in Lynchburg/Roanoke VA area.  The model and photograph contests are an added touch and I have to say I won a few times down there.   So if you are I the area or live a few hours away, it's worth the drive.  I live 2+ hours away so it's definitely worth the trip.  Come by to my tables and say hello.
Here is more info on the Blue Ridge NRHS and Railday:
Blue Ridge NRHS
Lynchburg Rail day Saturday August 13th 9-4

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A couple more things off of the "To do list"

Finally completed 2 projects this week that I wanted done for a while now.  First is the last locomotive the Virginia Central (VC)had.  It was a lime green Porter #3. 
This locomotive is on display at the Virginia Museum of Transportation:

So I started with the 45 tonner of Bachmann and went from there.  I scratch built the gas tanks on each end and the electrical cabinets near the cab.  The Porter is about 90% correct.  The prototype was a little longer and a few other small details. 
Here's a prototype of her in action.
She was once in yellow  

She started out in Gray Ex-Navy loco.
Now she is finally in HO model form on my layout. 
The second completed project is just going to be a static display.  It's passenger car so it won't navigate my 22 degree curves well.  It's the RF&P ACL-pool sleeper: Caroline County.  You say why did you model this?   Two reasons.  I was raised and went to school in Caroline County, Virginia and my daughter's name is Caroline.  The decals are a special Microscale run through the RF&P modeling editor Craig Harrison.  If you need some, email me.  I definitely will get you in contact with Craig.  The decal sheet lets you decal any passenger car the RF&P had in service.  On to the pics:
Hard to get a close up of this long car!
Close up of the lettering.
This car is Walthers ACL Pullman 10-6 sleeper.  You would have to use styrene strips for the lettering.  The lettering boards were orginally purple with silver lettering but were repainted shortly after delivery.  I have never seen an actual pic of the Caroline County.  If you know where I could find one, please email me!  I eventually want to do the Spotsylvania County.  This is where I work and live now.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Video of the VC returning from unloading facility

VC #3 with Soundtraxx Tsunami decoder provides greats sounds as the empty hopper train heads across the City Junction and back to the VC yard.

Finally an Update!

Being keeping myself busy this summer with plenty of model including working on the layout.  I want to get the scenery done before I head back to working in mid-August.  I just finished most of the ballasting for the layout.  I just completed the VC's 2 track yard and the VM's 3 track yard.  I used some real limestone ballast instead of the crushed walnut shells from Woodland Scenics.  This real rock looks good and is easier to work with.  Looks as if I have a bunch of WS ballast to get rid of!  Here are some pics:
VM GP11 #200 and VM U23B #289 wait for their next assignment.
An overhead shot of the same locomotives.  The white ties represent clearance points in the yard.

The other end of the VM yard with the scenic divider on the right.
A shot from above at the same location.  Yard is a little crowded today.
This view is from the VC yard.  Not much of a yard with only two tracks.
This view is the other end of the VC yard.  Scenery needs to be completed on the left.  The turnout on the right leads to the connection track with the Virginia Midland(VM).

 New power for the Virginia Central.  Another GP35 #5.  I did not want to paint it in the same scheme as #3 another because most of the time real shortlines don't have any matching power.  So I painted her in a generic gray with yellow chevrons and the yellow sill stripes.

The VC's main horse power coupled up ready for their next assignment.