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Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring Break, finally!

This week has been a much needed break from work.  It was needed to get a few things done around the house and spending time with the family.  I did get the chance to do some railfanning early on in the week and have ran some trains on the layout.  Did get some odds and ends done on the layout also. Not much but I enjoyed it and really need to get back in there.  I enjoyed running the trains the most.
One of my simple jobs was installing this backdrop on the lower level.  A printed background found on the web.  That my OK paint job on the right.  Trees will help it out eventually.
Doswell has always been is one of my favorite railfanning destinations.  Here are some of the pics I captured on my recent visit on Monday:
A Buckingham Branch side dump car in the Doswell yard.

BB #3 GP16

BB #8 GP16 in newer paint

BB #9 GP16 in the new paint

The old C&O depot now serves as BB offices.

Closeup of #3.  She's one of the original BB locomotives from the Dillwyn branch.   

Frogs anyone?

Here's a video of the infamous Rockrunner that orignates at the Verdon Quarry, just west of Doswell to Newport News, VA on the Ex-C&O line.   The video doesn't have much video quality but the sound is outstanding.  The power is all EMD: SD60M and a SD40-2 do the honors.  The train is 42 gravel loads in ortner cars. So turn it up!