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Monday, January 22, 2018

A little change of pace

Had a chance to do some different things for a change on the layout.  I've finally got away from all my locomotive builds here lately and other things that involved not working on the layout.  From my post before the open house, I'm building an OSB plant on the lower level.  Of course, I started that right before the open house.  I made some progress on the loading shed (where the particle wood is loaded).  I started on the rest of the build that would stick out about 1" from the backdrop.  I also put together an old blue box kit of a Winchester and Western grain hopper.  A hard to find hopper that is not made in a newer reincarnation.  I also started on a wooden depot kit that will be in the Parker area, right down from the OSB plant.

A classic kit for a awesome railroad.

Here's one side of the OSB plant.  It will be about 4-5 feet long.

I love to put together wood kits.  I have a whole drawer full of them!

This the depot kit,  MPP was a great company and made lots of good products.  I find them from time to time at shows and on Ebay.  Very easy to build and look great.


  1. Nice work - amazing how relaxing building a blue box or Bowser kit can be.

    1. Yes they are and you can be pretty much done in a day!

  2. I've come to find kit building as my happy place. I like the full control over the finished product. Of course I also punish myself by replacing all the cast on grabs with tichy parts. Is that OSB building scratch built?

    1. Mainly scratch built. I used part of the Walthers Ethanol plant for the doors that the boxcars will be loaded. I used the walls too.

  3. Need some detailing on the WW Covered Hopper... that's where kit building has gone and become more fun for me. Adding some things to make it a little more believable.