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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Virginia Midland & Virginia Central motive power

Since the scenery is coming along on my layout, this makes me want to take more photos using the scenery for the background.  I have also added a few sound decoders into my locomotives.  Now on with the power show:
VC GP35-2 with a Soundtraxx Tsunami installed.  #3 crosses Industrial Drive going back to the yard.
VM GP11 #200 with a Tsunami 567 installed waits in the VM yard for her next assignment.
Nicknamed the "Red Baron" VM CF7 #256 is and unpowered locomotive used mainly for transfer runs and switching.
VM GP40 #299 is one of the original locomotives for the VM.  She sports the original company's paint scheme.
VM U23B #289 is another original locomotive.  I have installed a Tsunami into this locomotive.  She is in the original VM paint.
RF&P GP40-2 #142 also has sound.  The RF&P brings in cars for the VM and VC to switch to their specific industries.  They also take a cut of cars with them.
VM MP15DC #284 and SW1500B #278 begin switching industries on the VM.
A friend of mine, Kevin Olson has recently painted a VM U23B #288 in the their 3rd paint scheme.  She's  leading VM U23B #289, with a small train, west towards Orange, VA.