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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bench work on extension is almost done and bigger horsepower

Well this expansion has turn into more work than I hoped but should improve the look and operation.
I have totally revamped the trackage in this area that was once complete.
Major changes:
  1. Gotten rid of a bunch of trackage at the aggregate facility including a run-around track. 
  2. I have also bent the VMID trackage that once went across the bridge to a cassette.  
  3. I have configured the track below without the use of a cassette there.
  4. Opened the layout up for more scenery.
Horsepower update at the very bottom.
Pretty much starting from scratch with this area.  

Had to add a smaller board up front to aid in accessing the lower level.

Mocking up the track work.  I use sectional 22 degree curves to plan curvage.  The 22 degrees is not to sharp and is usually my smallest radius.  This works well for layouts with 4 axle power and no passenger trains.  

The look towards the door.  The trackage on the left is the VMID.  I have to move the signal to the mark on the benchwork.

The aggregate unloading facility base.  It should hold 5-6 cars across the diamond.

Glad Walthers finally made one of these. I was close to making my own silos.

After today's work.  Bench work is just about complete.  Got to install the lights underneath for the lower level before I attach the subroadbed.  

Another view

Final view from the door.
And finally some bigger horsepower for the VMID.  She will be patched and put into service soon.