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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Weathered freight cars

Been doing some weathering on some freight cars in the last week and a half.  Been on Spring break this week but the railroad has not received as much attention as I would have liked.  Things like yard work and other house projects have taken up a lot of time.  Here is what I have got done.  A loco or freight car doesn't go on to the layout unless it has been weathered.  Just a pet peeve of mine!
Central of Chicago hopper.  A super detailed Accurail hopper.

RF&P gondola #3112 custom done using a Walthers gon.

Central of Chicago hopper #2.  Another super detailed Accurail hopper.

An Exactrail covered hopper.  Still got to put some scrapes and rust spots on that yellow paint.

This is a rare car I picked up at a show.  It's a Custom Finishes metal kit that turns out well.  Definitely a different car on the layout.

My 4th BB hopper.  I changed the number and tried to darken it as per the prototype.  The others were weathered too lightly.
On my Intermountain F3, I finally broke down and put a Tsunami in it.  I patched out the B&A on the sides and put the F&NN lettering on it.  I am not 100% sold on the font I chose.  The Fredericksburg and Northern Neck is a shortline that makes a occasional appearance on the layout.  They mainly bring a train in to Battlefield Yard from staging, drop their cars, pick up cars and leave.  Their line is not modeled on the layout and this fictional railroad would run the old RF&P Dahlgren Branch.
I put a Soundtraxx Tsunami in this F3 (former B&A) Still needs to weathered heavily.