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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mid week update: July 30th

Progress has been slow this week because of chores around the house and other things.  I've got a little done but this has turned into alot more than I thought.  The track is totally done and wired and the turnouts in Orange have switch machines attached and wired to push buttons.  Unfun things like cutting and painting facia are about all that remain.  But since those items i just listed are unfun, I drift off to other items like backdrops and a untreated tie load.

I did some research on printing out backdrops on your own.  I was going to take the pics myself but my camera (about 10 years old) is less functioning than my I-phone one.  So, I found some high resolution pics I could use on the web.  Used a mirror image on a few and I have several pics I can use on the lower level on the branch line.

I also experimented with a untreated tie load and found some pics on the web of them in gons.  So, I used a piece of blue foam and cut it to the size of the gon. This takes up most of the space in the gon.   I then cut up match sticks to tie size(gon width).  I cut several different notches in the foam to represent uneven ties.  Paint the foam a tan color and then glue in the ties.
This untreated tie gon turned out well.  I need this for my untreated tie loading facility in Orange.

The load out of the gondola.
Examples of the printed backdrops.  This trackage is in front of my work desk and is very thin.  The hole in the wall leads to the helix in the garage.

Examples of the quality of the prints.  Some lights in this area might help.  It's on the "to do" list.  Printed out some different ones tonight.
My travels Saturday took me through my favorite railfanning spot since I was a young kid.  Doswell, VA always has engines sitting in the yard area.  Buckingham Branch has their engines here now and is typical for a short line like the VMID.  

These "plugin" receptacles are a nice added feature that can be easily added to the Midland. 

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