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Monday, January 13, 2014

Scenery Update, USPS frustration and a sketch of the lower level trackage

This past weekend I had planned on getting the helix out to the garage and start installing it.  Well the USPS made sure that did not happen.  As I posted last weekend, I ran out of track for the helix.  The track has to be laid as you go up.  So on Tuesday, I ordered from Mainline Hobby (the best only train shop on the east coast!) in PA.  As always, I usually get my items 2 days after I order them.  Bonnie who runs the shop always sends out the tracking number on the USPS priority packages.  So it would be here in Thursday as per the tracking.  Thursday comes and no package.  To boot, I was off on Friday because of the weather.  OK, it will be here Friday, Nope!  Did not come Saturday either.  I was a little ticked.  The worst thing was it still said delivery on 1-9 even on Sunday!  This package went to a distribution facility near Baltimore, MD for 2 days, then to another one in Baltimore for a couple of days and then to Richmond, VA for a Sunday trip.  It finally came today.  Very frustrating!

While waiting for the track, I turned to my creative side and put the finishing touches on the scenery at the end of Battlefield Yard.  This is just about complete except the railroad tie retaining wall by a switch.
This is the tail track of the layout.  The tie retaining wall will by the switch stand on the left center.

GP11 #280 tkes a peek at the new scenery.

A detail shot of the weeds and growth.

Add some of my leftover trees to the scene.  Need to probable put a few more in.
I just about have my track plan for the lower level.  The top is complete. It's the lower left corner that's tough.  I'll go with what I have.

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  1. Shannon,

    That scene really turned out great! The photo backdrop looks spectacular- I really like the way the weeds in the foreground cover the view of the bottom of the backdrop. Overall, just a really nice combination of colors and textures.

    Tom Patterson