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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Helix platform construction Day One

I got started on the helix platform in the garage today.  It's a job in itself because the top of the platform is over 5 feet off the ground.  I had to build a decent frame for it.  They were not kidding when they say helix are a space hog.  This thing is about 7' by 6'.  A lot bigger than I wanted in the garage.  Guess it is too late to go back?  With the day off tomorrow, I hope to complete it.  I went to the Home Depot late last night for some lumber but had to return this afternoon for more lumber and screws.  I believe I might have to return again.  I'm using 2X3's for the frame and MDF 3/4" board for the top.  I will keep the middle open to observe/clean the helix.  Shelves will be under the helix size since I lost a ton of space in the garage.

The space I'll be working with.  The door leads to the layout now.

My office has some work done it too.  My work desk will be replaced with a smaller one.

Some beginnings of the framework.

Cameron helped me out a lot today.  Looks like I'm building a loft in the garage!

As far as I got tonight.  Should be able to finish tomorrow, I hope.


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  2. Thanks for checking out the blog Dave! I try to update a couple of times per week.