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Thursday, July 28, 2011

A couple more things off of the "To do list"

Finally completed 2 projects this week that I wanted done for a while now.  First is the last locomotive the Virginia Central (VC)had.  It was a lime green Porter #3. 
This locomotive is on display at the Virginia Museum of Transportation:

So I started with the 45 tonner of Bachmann and went from there.  I scratch built the gas tanks on each end and the electrical cabinets near the cab.  The Porter is about 90% correct.  The prototype was a little longer and a few other small details. 
Here's a prototype of her in action.
She was once in yellow  

She started out in Gray Ex-Navy loco.
Now she is finally in HO model form on my layout. 
The second completed project is just going to be a static display.  It's passenger car so it won't navigate my 22 degree curves well.  It's the RF&P ACL-pool sleeper: Caroline County.  You say why did you model this?   Two reasons.  I was raised and went to school in Caroline County, Virginia and my daughter's name is Caroline.  The decals are a special Microscale run through the RF&P modeling editor Craig Harrison.  If you need some, email me.  I definitely will get you in contact with Craig.  The decal sheet lets you decal any passenger car the RF&P had in service.  On to the pics:
Hard to get a close up of this long car!
Close up of the lettering.
This car is Walthers ACL Pullman 10-6 sleeper.  You would have to use styrene strips for the lettering.  The lettering boards were orginally purple with silver lettering but were repainted shortly after delivery.  I have never seen an actual pic of the Caroline County.  If you know where I could find one, please email me!  I eventually want to do the Spotsylvania County.  This is where I work and live now.

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