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Monday, July 21, 2014

Work on the upper level starts

Just like my work desk, I have to have several projects going on at one time.  My layout is no different.  The lower level has come to a halt and I have moved to the upper level expansion.  I ripped out the bridge and river scene last night.  Amazing that it takes you days to do a scene and only minutes to rip it out.  This area represented some of my first scenery applications on this layout.  I did a decent job on it. I was mainly unhappy with it because of the track and ballast.  It did not look good and why did I ever use sectional track?  Most of the trackage on the VC in the old aggregate area is being removed.  The spur to the elevator will remain.  I will add another crossing to the VMID trackage to access the new expansion.  I will curve the VMID trackage toward the door and the removable cassette will no longer be needed.  It's alot more work but will look good when complete.
This scene is now gone.

Saving what scenery I can.  The VMID mainline between the signal and the electrical box will be curved now.

Popcorn and hard shell scenery made the hill side along with some plaster rock outcroppings.  

The river scene is no more.

Now time to rip out the track and ballast.

Thought I was done taking out track and ballast but since this is a difficult trackage with a crossing, I will have to rip out almost all of it.  


  1. Best of luck! I know it's both frustrating and a little heartbreaking. However, your skills have improved so much so, it will certainly better, both operationally and to the eye. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for the comments Norm! It cuts out a lot of track work in the old track plan and opens the area open for lot of scenery. Most model railroad are too crowded with track. I've cut back a bunch with this new track plan and got rid of that cassette bridge.