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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Orange continues at a good pace

I've used this holiday weekend to get as much as I can done on the lower level at Orange.  It a weird setup, like a "L" shadow box, so I have to make sure I get everything done before I cannot reach certain areas.  This includes soldering feeder wires, painting the background blue and other small tasks.  The Norfolk Southern interchange can hold 4-5 cars and the VMID interchange can hold 3 cars.  These car lengths are 50' based.
Here is the entrance to Orange.  The spur to the left goes to the NS interchange and a untreated tie loading facility.  The trackless turnout will lead to the edge of the layout and a cassette for the VMID interchange.  The toggles on the right are for the signals at City Junction above.  

The interchange track is the closest and the tie place has the gondola on it's track. 

The track the gon is on is not glued down in case I need to move it.  

Here is the hidden trackage that leads to Orange.  Had to make sure that trackage was good to go before proceeding.  

The good thing about working on this lower level is that I've done it in a chair.  By the way, operating the lower level is strictly done in the chair! 

The interchanges will be an easy reach  for operators.  This view is right by the door.  

Did I mention my office is a total wreck!  This items in the middle of the room were under the area I'm working in.

Future expansion?  Might extend this area towards the me about 2-3 feet and take out the creek and bridge scene.  This would make the aggregate area a lot bigger.  But would require another crossing of the Midland.  Stay tuned.


  1. LOL! That's a mess? Yeah, right! ;o)
    Nice work on it. You should be done just in time to help me with my track work down in Chesapeake. LOL!
    Nice update. Now, go clean up!

  2. Wow what a setup! I've been checking out your youtube channel and it has me very interested.