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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Op Session yesterday and a railroad map of the Virginia Midland

Visited Mike Pulaski's model railroad, the Mohawk and Hudson near Richmond yesterday.  This is the second time I have visited his amazing double decked layout in his basement.  He models about the same time period as me( mid 1990's).  Most of his crew did not show up but that meant more trains to run!  If I were to ever get house with a basement, his layout is the perfect size.  Not too big and not too small.  Did not take a bunch of pictures, but here are a few:
This was a stack train I ran all the way around the layout.

His backdrops set the upstate New York scene.

This is a great looking feed mill on the upper deck.

Gotta love some Susie Q!
Here's a map of the railroads of Virginia.  CLICK ON IT FOR A LARGER VIEW.  The VMID trackage runs west out of Fredricksburg to Orange with the Mine Run branchline in western Spotsylvania County.  The F&NN trackage runs east out of Fredericksburg.  The F&NN trackage is not modeled on the layout.  


  1. Does Mike have a website or blog? Would love to be able go a few months and visit all these great layouts!

  2. No I do not think he has a site for the railroad. He definitely should!

  3. Mike's Layout is great and I'm sorry I had to miss this Op Session.
    Looking forward to a futre Op on his AND yours! ;)

  4. Shannon,

    The pics of Mike's layout look great, any chance you have more to share?

    Regarding the VA railroad map, what does the F&NN serve out toward the end of their route and do you plan on modelling heavy interchange traffic?
    Wasn't sure if it was a power plant or some sort of export terminal.

  5. The F&NN is as big as the VMID but it's in major decline. It's few customers are on the western end and usually only has 2-3 cars for the VMID during an op session. During grain season, they send a dedicated grain train twice a week with sometimes borrowed power.