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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Lower Deck work and weathering

Been busy this week in completing some weathering work for a client and starting on the end of my lower level.  The weathering encompassed several freight cars with varying weathering.  I even got a few of mine that have been sitting on my desk waiting for a weathering job.  Here are some of the cars:
MCBT #8279  The rust spots are the Weathering Solutions decals.

MCBT #8293

MCBT #8235

MCTR #1252

MCIS #1603

BN #450995  One of mine.

ACFX #47104  

AR #1559 Another one of mine.
Completed 97% of the lumber cuts this afternoon for the last leg of the lower level.  The town of Orange, VA will be depicted in a small "L" shaped area.  No luck on the track arrangement.  I like to piece it together on the bench work for a plan.  I'm going to have to get really creative here.  I need a run around track bad.

Brackets for the bench work.
I put the lights in.  Seeing how it looks.

Final layout.  Now to get the track workable!


  1. Shan, your weathering looks great! Can't wait to see your track work and maybe try to do an operational test... let Dale & me know if you need guinea pigs again! :o)

  2. The CFO loves the weathering work and so do I. Just waiting on the CSXT hand off back to home rails.