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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Layout visit: Ralph Deblasi's Lehigh Valley Wyoming Division

On Saturday I had the pleasure to visit Ralph Deblasi's Lehigh Valley Wyoming Division layout.  I rode up to southern New Jersey with Norm Wolf and Bob Sprague early yesterday.  The layout was located in his basement and it was huge.  As I said, his layout is the LV in 1974.  It was very fun to operate and was the largest layout I have operated on.  A dispatcher was used and it really added to the experience.  We had 6 operators and the runs for the trains were quite long.  It was quite a day!  I thank Ralph for inviting me up there.
I operated the X235 east and ran it back.  It was pretty much a transfer run.  Now the pics:
My X235E. A SW12 with 2 tank cars waiting to leave Croxton

X325E comes off the single track to the double track at Solomon's Gap

A westbound train's caboose passes through the Penn Haven interlocking.

My X235E comes through the Penn Haven interlocking. 

Another view of the Penn Haven interlocking.  The hoppers are on a branch line.

My train enters the gorge, a very scenic and remote area on the railroad.  The CNJ tracks are all the way on the right. 

My X235E eases through the gorge.
A CNJ train waits as the X235 passes.

Tunnel portal for the CNJ.
Better view of the CNJ consisting of F units.
Packerton Yard is on the right and 235E finally comes in and transfers it's freight.  Norm Wolf and Scotty Mason  in the back decide their next move.  The 235 started above to the left.

235W has a little bigger train on the transfer back.

235W now heads back through the gorge.

Another view view.  Pardon my finger's guest appearance.  Tim switches in the background.  His train had to help my up the huge grade.

235W through Penn Haven interlocking. 

Another view of Penn Haven interlocking.

Ralph and Bob try to get a huge coal train out of NY division staging.  It's fighting a tough little grade to start.

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  1. I agree! That is a beautiful layout! Mr. Debasi does great work!! I would love to see it some day!!