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Monday, November 9, 2015

Face lift for the layout room and some weathering too!

Well not a whole lot has been happening on the Midland lately.  The last 2 months have been quite busy but I hope to change that real soon.  I've mainly been finishing some custom work for a good friend in Texas and then it's face lift time.  Since yesterday afternoon, I have been putting in laminate flooring in the layout room.  I started yesterday with removal of the carpet and the padding.  I actually got to a few rows after a long dinner break.  I continued to work today when I got home from school. I hope to be done with the floor itself tomorrow if I work very diligently.   I will still have to do the trim and that will require a trip to the Home Depot.
Carpet removed.  This was a tiring job.  The padding was not so bad.  The legs were a fun part not to mention banging your head on the layout.

First few rows down.  This was my stopping part yesterday.

What I got accomplished today.

Only about 4 foot left for tomorrow.

My oldest son Cameron has helped me some the last two days.  We worked out a $5 an hour pay rate and he's been a great help and no complaints.  

Here's a good friend car I weathered up.  Thought it turned out very well.  The rust spots are decals from Weathering Solutions.  Always love the look of the cylindrical hoppers.

Here's one of my hoppers.  Tagged it up and added some rust decals.

The other side.

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  1. That weathering looks awesome, I see Weathering Solutions has decals for lime, flour, and cement spillage. I love having the Pergo in the train room as well, cleans easy and the sound levels are not bad.