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Monday, August 11, 2014

Since I am done with track work, lets change it and other items!

Yes, the title says it all.  I was totally done with ALL my track work.  Done on both the upper and lower levels, feeder wires, the whole thing.  But, I was not too happy with the sand loading facility trackage and the double diamond, so I ripped it all out.

So I got some changes:

  • No more diamonds or city junction
  • The VA Midland receives another industry: the elevator at Mid-Atlantic Feeds.  
  • The sand facility will have more trackage with 2 spurs
  • With the elimination of the diamond, there will only be 2 signals in this area.

I really wanted to keep the diamond, but it only makes sense and what I had was very unprototypical.
Here's what I am doing.  This all makes more sense and will be a better operation.  It s a quick fix and the only hard part is redoing the feeder wires.   Moving the sand unloader will be no fun either.
No, it's not a wiring nightmare, I'm installing some LED lighting on the upper level. 

Got these light poles about a year ago.  I installed them around the layout, but never hooked them up.  Here's an example of one.  Got them off Ebay from China cheap.  

They definitely put out the light!  Almost too much.

Overall view of the area.  There are a total of 7 lights.

A little night photography?  All I am missing is the flashing red lights from the RR crossing apparatus.  


  1. For what it's worth the new track arrangement looks to be much more convincing (and easier to work) than the prior arrangement. Model railroads are no fun if you don't keep ripping stuff up and redoing it! (Ask me how I know!) - Marty

  2. W/o a doubt, Marty's the 'go to guy' for advice on tearing up a layout. ;o)
    And, it's what you learn (and apply) on the next iteration of your layout that's important. All that time, materials/money, and hair is just stuff. :oP