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Friday, July 22, 2011

Finally an Update!

Being keeping myself busy this summer with plenty of model including working on the layout.  I want to get the scenery done before I head back to working in mid-August.  I just finished most of the ballasting for the layout.  I just completed the VC's 2 track yard and the VM's 3 track yard.  I used some real limestone ballast instead of the crushed walnut shells from Woodland Scenics.  This real rock looks good and is easier to work with.  Looks as if I have a bunch of WS ballast to get rid of!  Here are some pics:
VM GP11 #200 and VM U23B #289 wait for their next assignment.
An overhead shot of the same locomotives.  The white ties represent clearance points in the yard.

The other end of the VM yard with the scenic divider on the right.
A shot from above at the same location.  Yard is a little crowded today.
This view is from the VC yard.  Not much of a yard with only two tracks.
This view is the other end of the VC yard.  Scenery needs to be completed on the left.  The turnout on the right leads to the connection track with the Virginia Midland(VM).

 New power for the Virginia Central.  Another GP35 #5.  I did not want to paint it in the same scheme as #3 another because most of the time real shortlines don't have any matching power.  So I painted her in a generic gray with yellow chevrons and the yellow sill stripes.

The VC's main horse power coupled up ready for their next assignment.

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