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Thursday, December 5, 2019

New wireless soldering iron: with 10% off coupon code!

I was contacted back in November by gentleman that liked my blog and was wondering if I'd do a review of soldering iron.  He was going to send my a free one to try if I'd do a review on it.  The soldering iron is not just an ordinary iron but a wireless one.  It is the Iso-Tip Quick Charge Cordless Soldering Iron Kit: Model #7700.  I didn't even know they made wireless ones and if they did, they'd be expensive.  So I got it from him very quickly and I actually had several soldering projects to do, mainly decoder installs.  All I can say is wireless is the way to go.  No more getting that cord caught on corners or knocking over things on your workbench.  It's hot within 10 seconds and cools off quickly.  Best of all, you don't have to worry about it getting left on.  The push button control works perfectly.  It comes with 2 soldering tips and you can order just about any type.

I highly recommend this soldering iron because it easy to use and definitely affordable. It would work even better on soldering track wires due to the cordless feature.  I actually have to use it on some new feeder wires on the layout real soon.  Glad I have this now.   I will never go back to a wired one again.

If interested, here is the website: www.iso-tip.com
Model #7700 @ $50.95
Use virginiamidland10 for 10% off your order.  Hurry because this offer ends December 31st!

The soldering iron on it's charger. The red push button is used to heat the iron.  Push and hold, it heats up.  Let go, it cools.
The red button rotates so turning it up and holding the button heats up the iron and the it cannot be pushed if it's not in the up position.

This is the basic tip it comes with.  Easily removable.  It also comes with another tip.

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