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Sunday, February 17, 2019

New power for the Virginia Midland

Been working on some new motive power for the Virginia Midland here lately.  Finally had a weekend to sit down and do some sound installs.  I prefer the Tsunami 2's over ESU/Loksound at this time.  I think they sound about the same but prefer the T2 with the plug-in for their Current Keeper.  This gives me reliability in the sound on dirty tracks.  So, since I have backdated the layout some to about 1988, I've got some older power on the layout.  Not that I didn't have older power already! I've always wanted to provide a history on the layout too.  Older paint schemes and patch out schemes tend to be the norm on the Midland.  So instead of having new logos and paint schemes, I'm looking for older ones and ones that could just make do. 
Here are new locomotive projects: Ex-PC H16-44, RS3m chop nose, and a SDP35.  Very random locomotives but all will be headed for the Midland.

Added the Tsunami 2 to this yesterday and she runs and sounds great.  It will be patched and be one of the first locos for the Virginia Midland.  It's use on the layout will be switch jobs and reserve power.

This RS3m started from a shell CMR products shell and I added the details.  It will run on an older Tsunami until it can be up graded.  I need to redo the rear light.  I totally botched it as seen in the next photo.   The paint job will be a green dip job with the older Virginia Midland spelled out.

Definitely have to redo that headlight.  A case of my eyes aren't what they used to be!

My inspiration for the chop nose RS3m: Mike Confalone's Allagash #302.  Photo by MRH/Mike Confalone
My last loco was a Train show find for $50.  I love the short 6 axle power on my SD20-2 (Ex- SD35) so I found this SDP35 ready to be painted for a great price.  Most of the details were already added.  But I'm missing a stanchion for the rear hand railings. It will be in the standard green and gray scheme.

Even had time to try some new weathering products.  These weathering washes are simple brushed on.  Does a great job on brown boxcars since they tend to be hard to weather.  

The Vallejo products I used.  Lighter to darker.  

The other untouched side.  


  1. Shannon, I'm liking this update. How about sharing some photos of the decoder and speaker installs as well. You know I"m always interested in seeing what others are doing in this area. What do you think of the CMR shell? Easy to fit and work with? What chassis did you use for it? I've got one of their shells for a chop nose GP7/9 but haven't done anything with it yet. Future project.....along with too many others. I'd appreciate your thoughts. Anyway, nice update and always good to see folks doing stuff. All the best, mike-g.

  2. Hi Shannon,
    I admire your work on these locomotives and freight stock. I've just joined your Site- looking forward to reading your Posts. I'm very interested in the fact that you've put so much RR into your 12' x 9' room...I've about this much space in my Workshop and could do a 'Shelf Layout' or an 'Island'...the 'Island Layout' would be about 11' x 4'. Just starting out at this stage and haven't begun Track Planning to see what can be done. Regards. KEV.

  3. Shannon don’t fix the rear light on the rs3m. The bolt holes didn’t line up so new ones had to be made, if only the shop crew put it on straight. Create a unique story for it

  4. Cool stuff, liking the historical context of the early days of the VM and the assorted power that was assembled in 1988.

    On the SCL boxcar, did you apply those washes straight form the bottle, or are they diluted? I have not tried the Vallejo products yet. Looks great especially when compared to the untouched side.