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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Custom Virginia Midland boxcars interest?

I was thinking about doing some custom Virginia Midland boxcars to sell and wanted to see what the interest level is.  These boxcars are going to be modern (late 1970's to the present) They would be green with silver roofs.   They would have the Virginia Midland logo and the VMID reporting marks on them.  I would be starting out with the older Roundhouse boxcars (single door and combo door).  They would be would come with #5 Kadee couplers and Intermountain metal wheel sets. Each car will have a different number and will be ready to run! The price is looking between $22-$25 for each.  I wanted to advertise them here first and wanted judge the interest in them.  They will be a combination of the two cars below.  So comment down below if your interested or email me at virginiamidlandshops@gmail.com to tell me if your interested and how many you would be interested in getting. 
This boxcar shows the logo I will use on the boxcars.  The reporting marks are not correct.  Should be VMID

This boxcar sports the correct reporting marks.  Only thing is missing is the large logo.  This "plain jane"paint scheme may possibly be done.  Let me know!
This is the older Roundhouse shell I will used.  This is a combo door model

This is the combo door kit again.  All cars will be ready to run or RTR!

So please email at virginiamidlandshops@gmail.com and tell me you interest on these boxcars!


  1. Shannon,
    I love the Billboard boxcar look, but I'm a n scale guy so I can't grab one of these. Were you to do decals with a smaller logo however . . .

  2. Really cool idea, I would be interested in getting a few of them

  3. I'm down. Is it only going to be combo door box cars? I would go with a straight up IPD box car.

    BTW, big fan of your railroad.

  4. Shannon - I'd like one, maybe two, to make occasional appearances on the JSSX.

    Jim at jssxrailway.blogspot.com