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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Op. Session yesterday

Had a friend email me back in June and wanted me to see if I could do an op. (operational) session on my layout in mid-July.  Now, it has been a long while since I did a op. session here on my layout.  Heck, I had not even ran trains on the layout pretty much the entire year.  So, to get my juices flowing, I decided lets do it.  I did a little track cleaning, even on the helix out in the garage.  I tested out some trains on the helix yesterday morning and they ran great.  I used Tsunami 2 locomotives exclusively and they did not disappoint at all.  Overall, the layout ran wonderfully and I could not be happier.  Wayland brought his son Dan (a CSX engineer) and both ran the entire session.  Dan ran the Virginia Central side and Wayland ran the Virginia Midland in the Fredericksburg Flats area.  Both really enjoyed the layout and in a way, it got Wayland's juices flowing on his layout.  Both were really thrilled of how much action can be put into a small railroad.
Dan (blue shirt) and Wayland figure out their next move.

Still working on their switching moves.  

Battlefield Yard is EMPTY!

A look at the lower level at Parker.  The new OSB plant is to the right and the passing siding is to the upper left.

I really like the lower level lighting when the upper level lights are off.  It highlights the lower level.  Gotta get some scenery going on here!

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