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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Some more completed projects

Been working on a few projects this week and I did get one finished and a few have been done.  I want to get these loco and freight car projects out of the way so that I can work on the layout some.  That seems to always be my dilemma: work on the many projects I have or the layout.  The freight car and loco projects are one of my favorite parts of the hobby and since the layout is operational, it gets the backseat.

Here are a few of my completed projects:
Got this Idea from a recent trip to the local BJ's.  These Rock trailers were owned by the RF&P at the end of their careers.  This one was based off of one used as a tire trailer.

The trailer is an Athearn 45 footer.

The prototype at my local BJ's warehouse.  The trailer looks to be renumbered but on closer inspection, the blue numbers are over the same smaller original RI numbers.  I have seen a few of these in my lifetime.
VM #200 was replaced by GP11 #280.  I wanted a high hood Geep on the layout.  She has been rebuilt from the looks of the 4 stacks on the roof.  Still need to weather her.
I recently acquired a Intermountain F3 for the Fredericksburg and Northern Neck (F&NN) railroad.  This railroad will be incorporated into the layout as a tiny aggregate hauler on branch line to the east. This F3 and a MP15AC in the Soo bandit scheme will be it's main power.  I loved the blue on this loco and it runs well with a DCC decoder installed! 


  1. That F3 is a beauty! Great looking engine.

  2. I love your layout. Also love the VMID logo on that GP11. Do you make your own decals or have them done by someone?

  3. Thanks for the great comments guys. The VM logo was designed and made by Jim Abbott of Highball Graphics.

  4. Well done on the Trailer, Shan! Also, I'm with the comment above - love the new logo and the GP11. I love High-Hood Geeps as well, which is why I have two on the RF&P Geeps on my layout.