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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Tip Tuesday: a day late

As I have done before, I'm going to go over a tool or two that makes my modeling a lot easier.  I have not done this lately but I'll try to get one out at least once a month.  I decided to get organized years ago in this hobby and it really helps locate and find parts when you need them.

A label maker:

I decided to get a label maker a few years ago based on it was on sale and I could get a little more organized.  I picked up mine a my local BJ's Warehouse where I do lots of shopping.  They have more than just groceries.  I got it on sale for $20.  It's a plug in model so no batteries.  Lots functions so it will take a little exploring and maybe and extra ribbon.
This is the Brother P-touch label maker.  It's an older model so today's model my look different.
Not only can you label your storage drawers but also your storage containers.
Here's one of my storage drawer sets.  It's nice to know where exactly something is.  Probably need to reorganize this.

Labeling storage containers.  Look for the containers on sale about this time of year.  Got these from Home Depot. 

More storage drawers
Not only do these labels work great on storage drawers and containers but they work great on labeling parts of the layout.
Labels on the layout also help with locations, roads and what switches do.  The different size text also makes the label not be overbearing.  

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