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Sunday, January 1, 2017

New trackage is well underway!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas holiday and good start to the New Year!
Spent the last week I'm off completing a freight car project for a client and getting started on my new trackage.  The last couple of days I decided to start on the hardest part of the project, the removable section across the aisle.  This is not an easy straight piece of track that is on a square piece of wood, but an angled piece of wood with curved track.  So, definitely not easy.  I went down to the Home Depot to get a quality piece of wood, cut in a 2' X 4'.  Knowing I would need only a small piece of it.  Turns out, I need all of it because of cutting mistakes and redoing it.  Definitely the third time is the charm.  I also did an adjustment on the track plan.  A passing siding will be added to the trackage which will enhance the operational state of the layout.
The passing siding will end here at the canal.  

Trackage will extend through the wall towards the helix.  This area will be renamed Parker, where there was a passing siding was in the 1920's.

Here is my outline for the removable bridge. It will be more narrow.

The outline in place.  

Testing out with track.  The track will be easy compare to getting the removable bridge correct.

Here is my 3rd try at the removable section.   It's a nice snug fit.  

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The removable section "holder".  These will be painted black to match the fascia.  

Holder on the other side.  The right bracket is really not needed but would look better.  Have I told you how much I hate angles?  Glad I have a nice saw to do all this cutting,  Equipment for the woodworking in MR is a big plus!

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  1. Welcome to the removable section of layout club! You will greatly enjoy being able to continuous run.

    I am interested to see how you secure the piece while in place for running.