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I do a handful of train shows in the Virginia/Maryland region and go by the name of Virginia Midland Shops.
I also can help you find that freight car/locomotive or other hard to find item.

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Op. session this past Saturday

Had an operational session this past Saturday afternoon and tried a new concept, 3 operators. Norm Wolf, and Dale Latham and myself tried the new concept.   I did not think it could be possible but with the extra person on the lower level and the other on the upper level, it worked out OK.  I did not do a whole lot but sort cars in Battlefield Yard.  One thing that could be better were the controllers.  I use NCE and do not have radio control.  So cords were strung out all over my office.  This seemed to be the biggest problem. 

Anyways, summer is getting closer and my busy times are getting ready to be a thing of the past after this week.  I hope to post more often and get more done on the layout.  I've have recently painted a new Alco yellow.  This will be my newest engine on the Virginia Central.  The green #3 is having some pickup problems.  I may switch the #3 and #5 (gray scheme) and combine them into one.  I really love the green #3 of the VC. 
Dale and Norm contemplate their next move on the layout.  Dale (left) is working the  F'burg Flats on the upper level and Norm is working the lower level Mine run Branch.

I get the easy job of maintaining Battlefield Yard.  Pretty empty right now. 

Norm uses the run-around track with V251- the Mine Run turn.  SD20-2 and C424 provide the power today.


  1. It was great fun and proof that a small layout can have a lot of operations! Great job so far, Shan! Hope to have the privilege of operating again real soon!

  2. I have great luck using JMRI decoder pro / Withrottle WIFI. No cords and no cost of having Throttles.

    Anyone with an IPhone can download the app to use their phone as a full fledged throttle. A Digitrax PR3 interfaces between by Digitrax Zephyr and Decoder Pro on computer. The program works with NCE and a host of other system, just have to find out what interface NCE recommends to interface with computer. The phone throttles then talk to the program via your home wifi.

    Cost $20 for computer cables
    $80 Digitrax PR3
    Alot cheaper than IR or wireless throttles and receivers. As you get newer IPhones the old ones can be kept as throttles in case someone doesn't have a IPhone.


  3. Those photo backdrops are great Shannon, you have blended them in really well. Are they commercial or your own. Jas.

  4. Thanks for the compliments Jas! The backdrops are from Larc products. http://www.larcproducts.com/