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Sunday, December 30, 2012

An Extension on the On30 layout

Well ever since I visited Mark Chase's layout 2 weeks ago, I started doing some On30 stuff .  I don't know what it is about narrow gauge but it has me hooked.  I have been doing On30 for about 3 years. Your probably wondering why I am talking about a On30 layout when you thought I was a HO guy.  The On30 layout is directly under Battlefield Yard.  I have On30 trackage that was in front of my workbench\ that was staging for the On30 layout.   Instead, I took that trackage and put in a 13" by 5' extension.  It will consist of a small one track yard, a lumber mill and another industry or engine house.  Look back on some of my previous posts about a year ago for my On30 layout.

I worked most of the last 3 days on it and I am using 2" pink foam for a base.  The framing and the angles are what took so long.  I also had to rework wire connections on the Midland so that they would not show on this extension.  That was no fun.  In all it is going to be very rewarding.  I can actually sit in a chair and work this layout.  Who has a choice when wanting to run trains?  Most do not!  Here are some pics of the my work ( or mess):
Here's a shot in the middle of the mess.  Foam is set. 

Need to add the new fascia and the NCE jack for the Midland.
A messy workbench is always a good sign!

The space is not ideal but it works.  I plan on powering all the turnouts with Tortoises. 

Working a track plan.  This my preference in working out a plan. 

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