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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Summer modeling has begun!

Had some time this past week to get some modeling done.  Nothing on the layout but some side-jobs like locomotive painting, decoder installs and running some trains.  My oldest son, Cameron has really took an interest in trains this last few weeks and he's been wanting to go into the train room more than me!  This has came out of nowhere!  So, since I was at the train show last weekend, I decided to get him a locomotive.  I did this because he passed all of his SOL tests this year on the first try.  He really likes Amtrak, so he decided he wanted a P42 locomotive.  I could not get him to settle on the F40 that would have been time wise correct for my layout.  If you know anything about the Kato P42's, they are not DCC ready and required some work to install a decoder.
Kato P42 #66 in special paint

The board has a few changes to be made.  All per Kato's reference guide

Kato is so far a head of their time.  The motors and flywheels on each truck saves room for decoders in the middle of the locomotive.

 Besides working on some custom weathering for a client, I also finally got some details and paint on Virginia Central's newest loco, a GP7.

VC #107 with all the details added.  With freelancing, you can add whatever details you want.
Yellow paint like the RS36 #106.  Can't wait to dirty it up!

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  1. At least your son chose a really snazzy looking engine!