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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Mid-December Update

Christmas is real close and it's that time when model railroading starts to begins to take off.  A lot of young kids will get their start in the next few weeks in this great hobby.  My oldest son worried me to death about putting a train around the tree this year.  He will be 11 next week. We have not put the train up in a couple of years but he saw it in the attic when we were getting out the rest of the Christmas decorations.  So I definitely got it down to put under the tree.  It's a Lionel North Pole Express and we have extra track and cars for it.  An actual oval under the tree.  After getting the wiring fixed on the track, it worked well.  Him and sister have played with it just about everyday since its been working.  They do occasionally run trains on the layout.  I definitely need to get them involved more!

I also finished up some aggregate cars for a customer of mine:
MCTR 1472 getting it's finishing touches

2 bay Greenville hoppers by Walthers are a favorite of mine.

VMID #281 prepares them for interchange.

A railfan grab on the street.

VMID #281 continues to switch the aggregate cars.


  1. Shannon,
    It is a good time at Christmas - pleased to see your children enjoying the Lionel Polar Express. Regards. KEV.

  2. This is a great Idea on making your Christmas wonderful. I love the set up on your Train set, It's very realistic, the look the texture and style It's very detailed. I have my Lionel remote train set http://toytraincenter.com/best-lionel-remote-trains/ and I'm thinking that I am going to use this on around my christmas tree too. Thanks for the Idea.

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