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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Construction starts on West to Orange trackage project.

Yesterday, I finally got started on my replacement of the Mine run branch or the area on the lower level below Battlefield Yard.  I ripped up the track and sub-roadbed to make way for my new trackage.  The new track plan will include a wye, a new entrance from the helix, continuous running on the lower level, a removable bridge and and new industries.  There also will be staging near the helix in the garage.  That's alot of stuff but only minor track changes.  Most of the track changes will be what I tore out yesterday.  Stay tuned!
The new trackage will come from the helix and out the wall behind the propane tanks in the pic.

Clean slate to start planning.

Here's the layout for the new trackage.  I have to contend with the canal which will be minimized by filling it in.  I will still need a bridge.  A siding will extend down to the cars in the distance.  The woodchip loader and possibly another industry will be located there.

This where the removable bridge will be located to span the isle.  The track shows appropriate placement.  This bridge will be the hardest part of the project.  

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  1. Fun to have empty plywood to start laying track on. I guess this is the better alternative to starting completely over. But just seeing empty space and thinking of track laying gets my model RR juices going! Looking forward to seeing it come together.