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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Layout update: scenery is complete on the upper level

Finally finished the scenery on the upper level.  I redid the scenery in the corner the cat destroyed a few months back.  I also completed the last "bare plywood" in the VC area.  This area has been voided of scenery for a number of reasons.  Main reason: it was a repair/maintenance spot.  But it's done!  Now you are wondering what got me into high gear.  I had people coming by to look at the layout today.  Nothing like a deadline to get you going!
Land form for the replace corner near BY.  The foundation is blue foam and the tan is 2" foam.

Basic scenery on the foam.  It's nice to do this where you want then add it to the scene.
Scenery mound in place

Decided to add some rocks.  These were made with plaster and molds.

Rocks have been hot glued in place now time for bushes, trees and the like.

The cabin and the truck have been put back in the scene.  Most of the trees have been reused.

Close up of the cabin in the woods.  Definitely a rail fans dream!

Thought I had completed the final track for this layout and I look like I'm headed down a redo of the lower level.  Not a total redo but one that will make the layout flow.  It includes a lift-out crossing and staging near the helix.  A wye will be put in to have continuous running on the lower level.  I will also redo the town names mainly switching them around.
Rough sketch of the new track plan for the lower level.


  1. Nice work - what materials make up your ground cover mix?


    1. Greg,
      The ground cover mix is from Scenic Express and is their Flock and Turf: green scene scenery. It has several types of materials and look great. I use Green Adirondack and another color. Great looking for underbrush along the tracks and in forests.

  2. Great job. I really like how you've shown your work step-by-step and then explained it. Do you have more "visual" instructions?

    Thelma S. in Tucson

    1. not really. Scenery is experimentation on seeing what works and looks good. If you have specific questions and need a little help how to do something, drop me an email! virginiamidlandshops@gmail.com

  3. Looking great! Continuous run loop on bottom is good tool for loco break in, and testing, after overhaul, etc.

    1. Thanks Norm. The continuous run is something I've wanted for a while. The layout will flow so much better too with this plan.