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Friday, August 14, 2015

Progress on the layout: corn syrup facility and woodchip facility buildings

Some progress this week on the layout!  I'm going to focus on mainly the layout the next couple of weeks to try and finish at least the corn syrup facility.  The last two days has consisted of mocking up the corn syrup facilty I had formerly named Valley Sweeteners.  After consulting with my good friend Greg McComas (His Michigan Interstate Railroad) he suggested I change the name to Chesapeake Valley Confectioners (CVC).  This would allow more than just tank cars.  Pneumatic hoppers could also be unloaded.  The facility features one track that goes into an unloading building.  This building could unload various cars such as hoppers and tank cars.  The building can hold two cars.  I was considering adding another track but Battlefield Yard is under capacity now and adding more cars would not help.
My first version of the building.  A combination of Walthers Washington Salvage Yard and Pikestuff walls.  The office building will be cut down to be back from the tracks. 

One of the pressureaid hoppers that can carry loads for the facility.  Already had it weathered and ready to go!

Version #2: Added in another wall with a truck door.  This will be my final mockup.  

Over on the Mine Run Spur, Mine Run Limber is getting some work.  I have the woodchip loader ready to go but wanted a bulding to have the chips coming from.  Thinking about having a inside loading spot?

The spot could have a removable cartridge for one boxcar.  Or I could just put the door on the building and leave it.  What do you guys think?  I find it odd( but not too far fetched) to have the spur go under the chip loader to the building.  Locomotives would never go under it.  The facility would always have enough cars to reach the building.  

Overall view of the facility.  The Apache chip hopper will be patched.  I have 3 of these.  

A little garage I have been working on.  It's from BEST.  Just need the doors and window attached and some weathering.  Even got some shingles for it.   

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