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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Monday's layout work and decal completion

Spent a lot of time yesterday completing my large decaling job and finally tackling the trackage from Battlefield Yard (BY) to the helix.  A few posts ago, my main two objectives for the summer were to change the trackage on the Mine Run branch and take out the S curve to the helix from BY.  I completed the Mine Run trackage last week.   I hesitatated on the S curve replacement but decided to get into for some reason late yesterday afternoon.  The job turned out pretty easy and everything went better than expected.  The good thing about these projects is that I had everything I needed.  Track was reused and I did get down to my last rail joiner and track nails!  I'm hoping not to need anymore.  Nothing is worse than starting a project and needing a piece of track or other vital part.  I don't have any hobby shops around so most will be mail order.  So on to pics:

Decaling jobs:

A new sand hopper based on Greg McComas 's Michigan Interstate RR.  These will be in captive service hauling sand on the Midland.  The rust pits are decals by Weathering Solutions.  Still needs weathering.  

A VMID woodchip hopper.  The load was easily made with foam and sawdust.   

The Midland has good size fleet of stone hoppers now.  Here is VMID #6 Ex-SP.

Here is some new power on the Midland, GP35R #233.  This loco served the Virginia Central for the last several years and was recently bought by the VMID.  The patch job is typical for shortlines and turned out quite well.  Can you see my BN theme?  BN was my favorite railroad as a teen.  

Improved Trackage to the Helix:

The reason why the trackage had to be improved is because there a small S- curve leading towards the helix.  This is a busy piece of track and with the scenery in, was no fun having a derailment there.  Most cars and 4 axle locos were fine through it.  My longer 6 axle locos did not like it.  The main reason why I've added a SD50 is to work the grade on the helix.  So a change was needed.

Here is the S curve.  All I did was move the crossing in the wall to the right and straighten out the curve.  

Track removed and the hole in the wall enlarged.  Had to take out some scenery but have a plan on what to put here already.   Could not go any farther right because of a stud in the wall. 

Wow, why didn't I do this first time?  No curve now!

My only casuality, my signal.  I unattached it from the ground but for some reason it doesn't lit up now.  If this is the case, it will be the 2nd signal to bite the dust here.
A view from the helix side.  Definitely a easier job than I originally thought.
 I finished late last night after several breaks.  Still have a couple of things to sort out but a major improvement.  The SD50 already loves it!



  1. It's amazing to me how simple a job it is, but in our heads we think it will be a massive undertaking, and we wind up putting off for a long time.
    Very nice progress on your fleet and the layout! Seems I need a trip up there to see it firsthand!