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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Getting back in the saddle with some modeling!

It's been a while since I've done any modeling railroading period.  With summertime here, my progress and projects will finally be moving forward.  As I said in my last post, I have two minor changes to the layout that will improve the operations.  First is the trackage from Battlefield Yard to   the helix to the lower level.  This little trackage has a "S" curve that's very unforgiving to 6 axle locomotives.  I could easily ignore it but it's something that will enhanced operations and is about a days work.  Six axle locos will not be held captive and the main reason I have them is to lug the bigger trains up the helix.
This is the trackage to the helix.  As you can see, the "S" curve in the trackage.  I plan on removing it and removing part of the wall on the right to making it into a sweeping curve out to the helix.
 My other layout change is the entire trackage on the Mine Run branch.  This is the trackage directly under Battlefield Yard on the lower level.  I want to make this more practical by adding a longer second track and add more room for the woodchip loading facility.  It mainly going to make it more practical and easier to operate.
Looking south towards the sand mine.  This section of trackage has probably had the least amount of coverage on this blog.  It will get some much need attention in the coming weeks.

Looking from the other end.  The double track "run-around" track will run from the other side of the canal to the bottom of this photo.  This should make switching this area more straight forward.  


  1. Are you going to relocate the canal on the Mine Run Branch?

    1. No I'm going to leave the canal where it is and lay track over it at another place.

  2. Giddy Up! Glad to see you have some time to work on the layout. Keep us posted on progress!