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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Post #100: some motive power updates

Well, this is my 100th post here on the blog.  I enjoy this as much as I like getting things done in the layout room.  Got some motive power updates.
Here is 4 of my RF&P GP40's.  the RF&P had 7 of them and I do have all 7 that I have renumbered.  The other three are packed up in their boxes.  A few still need to be detailed.

The view from the other end.  Notice the rear horns and the exhaust vents like the prototype.  I missed a decal on the #121!

Side view of the GP40's.

Here's the Fredericksburg & Northern Neck F3 #46 (Ex- B&A).  I just applied the F&NN logo.  This is an Intermountain loco and runs well.  I installed a Tsunami in it.  This F unit makes me consider turning back to the early 1980's instead of the early 1990's that I model.

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  1. Love the locomotives! You do a very good job in your painting/detailing/weathering. For the FNN loco in the last pic I have always had a love for F units. I am blesses with the fact that the shortline in my town runs an ex B&LE F7 in regular frieght service that they just put a nice new paint job on last year(Grafton & Upton 1501). That in mind I like the theme you have going. Lot of good prototype stuff, your own RR, and another shortline in the mix. You have the means to have all the varitey you want with what you did. Hope my layout comes out as well. Look forward to your summer updates!