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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Layout room facelift

Sorry that I have not posted in February yet.  I didn't realize it until I checked out the blog the other day.  I've put in some work on the lower level and now have started on the branch line.  I've also replaced my work desk with a smaller one and moved some things around.  This has taken some time to get organized and it's finally getting to the degree I want it to.  I was off today and did not get much done.  We got blanketed by that east coast snow storm.  It's our biggest snow since the 2009-10 winter.  We picked up just under 12" and it's snowing again now.  We missed another day of school today and I'm off again tomorrow.  We have missed 12 days this year!  I' cannot complain because I've gotten so much done on the layout.
After a good shoveling.  Our biggest snow in 4 years.
My new painting area.  It's part of the old desk and I just put a new top to extend an hold my test track.  Washes and paints are below.  I will have a cover so paint doesn't go on the bottles.
My smaller desk.  You can see the lower level right above it.  The hole in front of the loco goes to the helix.

New storage containers that hold my freight cars.  Also added shelving to hold shoe boxes and containers of model railroading supplies.
This is my newest trackage.  The train is on the mainline and the middle track is the branch line.  The hoppers are on the run-around track.  I decided to do a run-around to enhance operation.  The turnout on the left will lead a spur to another small industry. 

The track to Orange (west).  This turnout leads to the run-around track.  The industry will be in the background.

Another view of the trackage. 


  1. Nice job on the room, I see the former MCIS SD35 acquired by VMS what are your plans for the unit?

  2. She will probably end up extra power for the F&NN.