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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Industry tour #3: Patriot Industries

Continuing with my industry tour that I started last year, I decided to show you today, Patriot Industries.
Part 1: Klotz Distributors
Part 2: Specialized Beverage

Here's a short video of a train leaving some tanks at Patriot:
Leaving 2 tank cars at Patriot Industries

Patriot Industries is tucked into the corner of the layout and deals with mainly pool chemicals.  It receives tanks of chlorine and other chemicals.  The chemicals are then shipped by truck.  It's track can only hold 2 cars and it is  usually switched every operating session.
Overall view of Patriot Industries

Gates will be eventually added to the fence.  Klotz is to the left.

The scene to the right is still not developed yet. 
A chlorine tank car has been spotted in spot #1.

The storage tanks are at the very end of the building. 

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