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Monday, November 5, 2012

Detailing RF&P Geeps part 3

 In cased you missed my previous detailing tutorials on RF&P GP40's and GP40-2's
Part I of my RF&P Geep modeling
Part II of my RF&P Geep modeling

Well it been a while since I put a post up.  It seems that I am not as busy now as I have been the last month.  I attended a RF&P historical society meeting on Saturday.  I displayed several of my RF&P models and it dawned on me, I have not done a whole lot of  RF&P modeling lately.   So this got my detailing and painting part of me going.  Well I did not jump in right in the deep section, I just started in the kiddy section.  Detailing crossed my mind and I knew I wanted to detail my GP40's a little more.  Several still need the correct horn on the rear and some decent weathering.  I also decaled my last GP40 the 127.   I now have all the GP40's.   I added some speed recorders and some mu hoses to the front.  Both of these are from Details West and are pretty easy to install.

First the mu hoses:  They come 2 per package and have extra plug housings.  The cord goes from plug-in to plug-in, so I cut one of the plug-ins off and used the one that comes with the loco. I didn't see many pics with the mu plugged in both so just put the unattached end near the other unused plug.  I still need to added some colored paint to the lid and plug.

Speed recorders are a little more complicated.  They changed places over time and vary from model to model.  I'm modeling the early 1990's so pretty much they are on the first axle on both sides for numbers 121-126.  #127 has it on the second axle.  I found that a 1/16" bit and a drill makes easy work of the hard plastic in the truck.  Glue the recorder in, run the wire, trim and paint black.  So look at pics from the year you are modeling to see where these recorders go.

Unpainted mu hose and plug-in.

Painted mu hose in position. Still need to add the silver for the connector and paint he lid.

Speed recorder in place.  The wind deflectors are a good touch.  The RF&P GP40's do not have sunshades.

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