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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Catching up on some projects

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving holiday.  I did get a few things done modeling-wise during this much need break.  I finished a RF&P 3100 series gondola that needed to be decaled.  All that is left is the weathering. I also added a pic of the 3300 series gon I did about a month ago.  The scrap load is a nice added touch. 

This is a dead-on match for the RF&P 3100 series gondolas.

These gons differed by numbers with the ladder on the right.  Some had it, some did not. 
I also added number boards to a Ex-SP SW1500 painted for the VM.  This is an old blue box loco that I added a Mashima motor and a decoder to.
Still a few details to be done on 277 like mu hoses and a different bell.
I also completed RF&P GP40 #127.  I have all the GP40's but still need to finish decaling and numbering #126.
Still some smaller details to be done on 127 like the antennas and sunshade holes.
Too finish up, here is one of my favorite VM engines, the 256, a red CF7.  Heck, if the VM did not have green and gray, the red and black might have taken over!
The #256 is a unpowered dummy and the only VM loco not in the green and gray paint.

I will update now every Sunday!!! I promise.  Might even get a post in mid week.  But I will have something every Sunday. 

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  1. Shan, your fleet is looking great!

    I wish I can make the promise you did, but I am a binge modeler... I go at it for a while, then life or lack of motivation gets in the way. Then, when things lighten up, I'm back at it again... I look forward to seeing your successes!