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I do a handful of train shows in the Virginia/Maryland region and go by the name of Virginia Midland Shops.
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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Throw Back Thursday Dec. 1st 2016

SD38-2 #280 was a favorite locomotive of mine and was built in the summer of 2007.  The locomotive was sold at a Timonium show one year and continues to earn it's keep on a model railroad in Rhode Island.  The gentleman's layout was in an issue of Model Railroader too!  I still see the guy at the shows.  He's got a slug painted for VMID also.  Really loved the white face.  Might be the future paint job!

VMID SD38-2 #280


  1. Shannon,
    Very nice job on the SD38-2 #280...would of been hard to part with it- at least you know it has gone to a good home and #280 has appeared in Model Railroader magazine- that IS a bonus!...Question: Is #280 an Athern or Atlas or other make? Cheers. KEV.

    1. That is a Kato. One of the best drives out there.

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  3. I have some undec units that will not be needed for the prototype roster, and I have been thinking it will be cool to establish a "what if" shortline for the area my layout covers. Cool to see interesting paint schemes like this to consider different approaches. The white face is a cool idea! Did you use some prototype decals and some custom decals for this project, or others like it? I was thinking some things, like end stripes, could be used from prototype sets, limiting the amount of custom decal work one would need to have done.

    1. The Virginia Midland logo is custom but the nose chevrons and numbers are all from Microscale kits. I cut the chevrons to fit the nose. Maybe under stripes? I've got hundreds of decals I keep in a box and you never know when you will need one.