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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Various work happening on the Midland

Spent the last two weeks doing multiple things in the office.  This includes weathering for a client,experimenting with Pan Pastels and working on a new industry.  Here are my progress photos:

Here's the smaller elevator I chose to add to Orange.  Like most Walthers buildings, they never go together well.  Had to add putty to the seam.  Even though it's a smaller elevator, it barely fits between the levels.

Here it is squeezed between the levels.  The lower level was never planned for the layout and just kinda happened.  I would like more room between the levels but it works fine for ops.

As you can see, I had move the elevator spur.  This gives plenty of room for the structure.  The closest track will be the Norfolk Southern interchange.

May have to change the lights in this area.  Wiring needs to be stapled up.

Some grain hoppers spotted. Will add a grain bin or two to the scene along with a office.   

A new gondola for the Midland.  Been wanting to do a gon with VM spelled out and finally got around to doing one.  This is an Atlas 53 footer.  It definitely needs to be weathered and a tie load added.

This is a Ebay win about a month ago.  It's an old Sylvan resin kit that was totally assembled.  It's an Ex-CP paper boxcar but will enter a second life on the Midland.
 TrainMasters TV from MRH has been running a great weathering series from Mike Confalone in the last month.  He's been  weathering various cars with oils and Pan Pastels.  I finally broke down and bought some back at the February Timonium show.  There not cheap but shop around to find the best price.  Finally tried them out and they work well.  Worked with the Pan Pastels and some oils to weather a Bowser 100 ton Reading hopper.  This was my practice hopper and it turned out quite well.  I'm planning to add CSXT reporting marks and put it in service.

My oils and Pan Pastels working space.  

My results from oils and the pastels.  I like it!

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