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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

2016 Valley Forge RPM Meet summary

Had a great time this past weekend at the 2016 Valley Forge RPM Meet.  I want to thank Norm Wolf for inviting me and driving all the way up and back.  Saw lots of great models and some good friends that share this great hobby!  The presentations were good and I saw the biggest home layout you could image on Sunday.
LV locomotives by Ralph Deblasi

LV locomotives by Ralph Deblasi

Love the C&O cabins

Tony Koester's presentation

Ralph Deblasi's weathering techniques

Butch Eyler's amazing work!

Love this crain by Ramon Rhodes

My models

SNCR loco way out of place in PA but looks sensational.

Ken McCorry's layout visit.  On the way home, we stopped by Ken McCorry's home layout. This was something out of a modelers dream.  Try 2500 Square feet of layout!  Thanks for Norm taking most of the pictures.  I was handed a controller and ran a train through a few miles on the layout!  This is supposed to be the large private home layout.  I believe it.

Here's the garage (upstairs) that the layout is in.

The dispatchers room below the layout.  By the sizeof this, you know your going to get blown away!(Norm Wolf photo)

Try a train simulator from a train on the layout! (Norm Wolf photo)

This Steel Mill is huge!  There's several on the layout. (Norm Wolf photo)
Here's me amazed by the size!  This is only a corner of it. (Norm Wolf photo)


  1. With that photo your in, time to get designing the third deck that will be above the other two.... I can picture it now!

  2. Shannon

    Being in concert with all things Shannon I am pleased with the svelte SC---great views

    Roger Sekera