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I do a handful of train shows in the Virginia/Maryland region and go by the name of Virginia Midland Shops.
I also can help you find that freight car/locomotive or other hard to find item.

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

And to a screeching halt...

The past two weeks have been two to forget.  On the night of January 4th, I had to be rushed the ER because of severe flu-like symptoms.  Not 24 hours later, I was back in the ER with major chest pains.  The verdict was Myocarditis.  Don't know where this came from and the doctors could not figure it out.  It required a 5 day stay at the hospital.  A very tough ordeal that really took a lot out of me.  Getting up to go to the bathroom was an exhausting task.  I've been recovering this week and spent most of the week down with my mom and step dad.  That did wonders on getting my health back. Being 41, I would not think that my heart would be effected by something like this, but you never know these days.  Twenty percent of people who are affected by this condition die!  Very scary. So thanks for all who texted, called or sent a message through Facebook.  I do have another week off from work for recovery and I plan on definitely spending a lot time in the layout room.  It's messy from the upper valance work but that is about done except for a few items.  A little cleaning up and it will be good to go!  The main thing it provides when you walk into the layout room is the professional look.  It really improves the look immensely.


  1. Glad your still with us pilgrim!

  2. Wishing you a speedy recovery, Shannon - saying that partly selfishly, so we can enjoy your work for decades to come. Well, I won't, too long in the tooth for that, but never mind. Best wishes, Walter from Downunder.

  3. Man, thank God they caught it (eventually) & you were under doctor's care. Like you said - you weren't part of the 20%! Get better!

  4. Shannon
    Here's to a full recovery
    Roger Sekera

  5. Shannon,
    Thrilled to hear you're back on your feet again…go ahead and take next weekend off as well spend it in the layout room. !

    1. Thanks Marty! The Blizzard has provided me a few extra days off. Might even be out the rest of the week!

  6. Sorry to hear that happened. Hoping for a complete recovery. - Phil Breault (occasional visitor)