This site is dedicated to my model railroad, the HO scale Virginia Midland Railroad. This layout comprises a 10X9 room with two levels. The upper level is about 95% complete and the lower level scenery has just begun.

I do a handful of train shows in the Virginia/Maryland region and go by the name of Virginia Midland Shops.
I also can help you find that freight car/locomotive or other hard to find item.

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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Progress has been slow as of late

Well it seems that ever since my leak last week (couple of posts ago), progress has been very slow.  Had a few other things come up also.  My wife just got her tonsils removed on Thursday so I've been tending to her and the kids alot.  She is in a lot of pain and I've heard that it really bad when they are removed when you are an adult.  She's a tough cookie but this is kicking her butt.  I also did a small train show yesterday to sell a few excess items of mine.  I've always enjoy the smaller shows and if you have some stuff to get rid of, these are the places.  You also will find some deals for you also.
This upcoming week, I hope to get my butt into gear and finish up some projects.  Plan on completing the scenery that I did my improvements to the helix today.  This summer has only seen a few improvements to the layout.  Took care of my motive power shortage also.  I'm also going to retire the red B39-8 I have.  Let me know if you want to buy it.  It's got the whole 9 yards.  My objective this week is to get the Valley Sweetners building built or at least the frame of what I want.  Stay tuned!

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