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Monday, August 4, 2014

Fascia, Fascia Fascia

Wow, am I tired of cutting, painting and installing fascia.  It seems it is all I have done since the last blog update.  My original fascia color I went with was a bright green, like the one on the Midland locos.  I did that on a whim.  When doing the new fascia on the extension, I went with black, a more neutral color.  You want the focus of your railroad to be on the layout not the fascia.  So I had to remove all the painted fascia and paint it black.  This sounds easy but I also moved DCC plugins to the lower level.  So that meant new fascia. I also did some sky blue background painting.

I'm also looking to move toward wireless NCE controllers.  I would mail my controllers to NCE and they would install the wireless capabilities.  I would need to buy an antenna and that would be it.  It costs $97 and would be a turnaround of 2-3 weeks.  I would have to send my Power Cab first since this is main controller.  That means I would not be able to use the layout for 2-3 weeks :-(
I'll probable do it later on this month.  If any subscribers have wireless NCE, email me or comment below the pros and cons. Until next time!
Here's the entrance to my layout room.  New black fascia for the extension and lower level.

Here's my switch panel for the 3 switches in Orange/  Need to put in the track arrangement so I'll know what button is what.  

Here is Orange ready for scenery and buildings.  The blue wall on the right is removable in case I need to access this area.  Will need to for scenery!  

Here is Orange looking toward the untreated tie loading area.

To the left in Orange is the interchange tracks.  

On the upper level, a bridge with a road coming down to the tracks will highlight this area. 

Across the room, I added some paint to the backdrop.  I've decided to put in corn syrup unloading facility in the spur where the tanks are spotted.  This area is called St. Just (based on a real town on this former line) where the Mine Run branch starts.  

A little bit of traffic at St. Just.  Ex-KCS power is doing some testing on the Orange line.  

Here's one of the NCE plugins I moved from the upper level.  St. Just also has a switch panel for the 4 switches here.

The upper level extension looks like its ready for it's scenery.  I'm ready for some too since this fascia has been kicking my butt!

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